Our driving school is a  (Alberta Transportation) approved driver education course provider. The Alberta Transportation sets the standards for all approved driving schools, and audits those schools at least once a year to ensure that the curriculum being delivered is to their standards. We make sure that we adhere to the highest standards set by Alberta Transportation and we even go above and beyond.  Our fully licensed instructors will work with each individual student in developing and maintaining important defensive driving habits. You will gain the skills needed to drive safely in all traffic situations and conditions.

At Advance Driving School we strive to put safe, knowledgeable and confident drivers on the road. Learning to drive is an important phase in everybody's life and we want to make sure that this is an educational and pleasant experience for you. To meet this goal our driving instructors are specially trained and qualified to identify student's strengths and weaknesses. Our promise is to treat each student with the highest respect regardless of driving knowledge or experience.

We provide our services in Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan, South side Edmonton & West End Edmonton.


Brief History

Advance Driving School has been working on promoting driver education and safety since its establishment late nineties. our fully trained professionals at Advance Driving School take on the additional responsibility of ensuring each driver is equipped to be the safest driver they can be. We pride ourselves in our dedication to safety and education. Our modern teaching methods work to help students reduce risk and make safe decisions on the road. Advance Driving School has been a top contender in driver’s education and continues to support its legacy of excellence.


Mission Learn to be collision free

Getting your driver’s license is a great milestone in one’s life. It grants an individual the freedom to navigate and explore, but comes with a set of great responsibility. As a driver one must adhere to the rules of the road while simultaneously watching for blunders by other drivers. A good foundation in driver’s education is key to keep our roads safe. At Advance Driving School we prioritize road safety. While providing you with the ability to drive, we also make sure that we create the safest drivers in the country. Road safety isn’t just about being conscious of one’s own driving. It also includes being mindful of your surroundings and being able to react to sudden situations. Our professional instructors have years of road safety experience, and strive to educate in a way that maximizes automobile security.It is important to receive a driving education from a certified school. Here at Advance Driving School we teach you proper techniques, help you get comfortable behind the wheel, and better prepare you to drive. Not only are our graduates prepared to pass the driving test, but they are also better equipped to deal with situations that may arise on the road. Additional to all of the safety benefits, an education at Advance Driving School will also help you save money on car insurance! Insurance companies look at driver certification and are able to assess a driver’s competence on the road based on the quality of their driver’s education.



To be most efficient & competitive driving school in Canada through ensuring our students to get the best customer care, professional advise and comprehensive driving.